Kingdom Fighter Series

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And, knowing all things The Great IAM did command the Christ, the Lord of the Host to redeem and save mankind. An out of the earth the Christ did gather from among men a group who would unite as a force, chosen from the earthly realm to protect the people of the earth from the evil that awaits it through Lord Variant and the Dark Squad. These men and women chosen of the Christ swore their loyalty to fight for Truth, Justice, Honor and Judgment. These are assembled together under the command of the Lord of Host. These became known as the Alpha^Omega Attack Force N. R not retreating in battle against iniquity and sin.

Now, when Lord Variant knew that he would be exiled to the earth he sought out vile persons to help him destroy the souls of men, having enlisted the help of mercenaries who he called The Dark Squad. These are an evil band of confederates dwelling in the earth.

Shepherd’s Tent The Quest TRANSCEND Ephesians 6:11 -17 Biblical Defense
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